Batel Helmer

עט לדעת – מפגשי כתיבה



My name is Bat-El Helmer. I’m an entrepreneur,  a writer, and guiding social changes for communities and businesses.

For many years, I’ve been a working as a community relations counselor, as well as creating public opinions’ accessibility to decision makers.

I’ve been studying and researching the aspect of giving and businesses for a long time, focusing on the tight relations between the two, and the affect they have on each other.

Along the years, I’ve conducted many environmental surveys as part of complex projects involving communities, and I’ve learned about the many challenges that come up between an organization or a business, and the community it is operating next to. Based on this experience, I am now connecting between organizations and businesses, as well as helping businesses in identifying the hidden potential and in the community surrounding them.

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There is always a set of circumstances that make it possible to do. Look for them.

A competition is great for your business, perceive it as an opportunity. Learn about your competitors and help them. Don’t worry, it would help you as well and position you in a wonderful spot in your market.

Look for opportunities to grow and create new interfaces, products, and services whenever you have the chance. I’ll give you an example: a flower shop who had only customers who were looking to buy flowers, has connected to a chain of coffee shops. This way, every morning a delivery of fresh flowers in beautiful vases is lighting up the day of customers coming in to buy coffee. Everyone has a gain, and it’s an ongoing cooperation.

Opportunities is not only something you are looking for, they come to you as well, therefor remember that clients are choosing you and not necessarily you are choosing them. Inspire your surrounding and see how doors of opportunities will open for you.

I’m here to assist in analyzing new directions and opportunities. Need a little push? Contact me NOW!


“When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony and work toward a definite objective or purpose, they place themselves in a position, through the alliance, to absorb the power directly from the great storehouse of Infinite Intelligence” – Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich.

The energy of togetherness can lead a man to great achievements. Support and encouragement from the community along the way, even during business crises, is highly valuable.

Create yourself an accurate, warm, and wrapping community, and it will be your anchor during stormy times. Nourish your community, show your interest, work for them – and you have gained yourself an unbelievable powerful strength.

I love to help my friends create such turbo powers and build their own community, and they find a great secret of success in it.  Would be happy to create such a supportive community for your business. For more details, Contact Me today!

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do” ~ Steve Jobs


It is not a question of how much you’re doing, but how much love and caring are invested in your garden of connections. Your entire surrounding is, in fact, a reflection of your own self. Do not judge and criticize the others, or else you are not in a giving mode.

Your inspiration will come from your home, your friends, your partners. Once you find them, you will cherish them wisely.

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.”  ~ Steve Jobs

If you wish to reach exciting goals, full of inspiration, to work with exciting partners and customers, and do it all in harmony, I would be happy to assist in locating your accurate customers and creating connections full of profusion / wealth. All you need to do is Contact Me by Clicking Here!


Build Your Own Kingdom!

The approach of modesty with a royal aroma is a winning one. Search for the knowledge that can lead your business to the highest levels. Surround yourself with people holding such knowledge. Look for connections to those holding the knowledge you need. Look for what is it you have that you can give in return. Make an exchange.

Even if you do not hold the knowledge right now, meet with the other person when coming from a modest place. Strive for hearing a new information, thoroughly, and it will happen in your own way. You will reach satisfying results.

Choose yourself a Master Mind group. I have several groups of such. Each time I’m amazed by the willingness of people to harness their knowledge and brains, and by the togetherness that is being created and expanded.

Always remember that in your kingdom, just like in the neighboring kingdom, there’s a great desire to win. Your greatness would be leading this desire in a modest, quite way. It’s a very challenging practice… mostly when we wish to present, to be seen, to be proud of our plans and execution.

If you want my assistance in gathering an accurate Master Mind group for yourself, and a task-based instruction, I would be happy to assist.

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Don’t be your act.

You are walking around in a costume you’ve put on many years ago, sometimes since childhood, or based on past experiences, and sometimes this image fixation is restricting you from reaching new business breakthroughs. Be honest with yourself, search for the “characters” you chose to appear in, and neutralize them if you find out they’re not useful.

Once you have a goal that is bigger than yourself, things would already happen by inertial force, everything works, you simply need to let go of that play. Ego, self-righteousness, proof, or reproach, these has no room in business…

It is important you find out what is the client’s value. And we get there without any ego or masks.


“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” – Mother Teresa

Give, give, give.

Giving is a source of happiness and wealth.

Anything you wish for others to identify and acknowledge within yourself, make sure you identify and acknowledge in them.

The way I see it – give to others anything they are in need of, and that you are capable of giving. The idea is to simply give something. Even the slightest thing. Like your time. Your attention. Your heart.

Giving is also spreading your happiness, make other people happy. Start with a smile, invite people over for dinner and listen, check to learn whether anyone in your network has a new job, got promoted or fired, be sensitive to these things, offer your attention and your skills.

My dream is to create a unique, global, virtual network of giving, I will be very excited and happy with anyone of you joining in the right time.

If you wish to lead a social venture in your organization, based on your service or product, I would be very happy to help you create such a social experience… Contact Me!


Work in a clean way, always. If you don’t know someone, say nothing about him or her.

If you do talk about someone, always say good things.

Cleanliness is internal and external as well. If meditation feels good for you – I highly recommend it (there are many examples online). Taking a shower, drinking water (with lemon, ginger or anything that feels good in your throat), a clean outfit, breathing fully, an honest smile, and you’re ready for your meeting.

Based on my experience, the other side would appreciate the simplicity of visibility. It goes to your presentation of things, your speaking paste, and your paperwork as well. Our way of conversation is included too. Clean your language, try using positive words, clean of guilt or criticism, speak slowly and with confidence, smile, enjoy the moment, the presence. Be fully aware of your communication and then you can easily harness the other side to your goal. Love the other. Love yourself.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” ― Mother Teresa


Mental attitude that determines YOUR future.

Trust the growing process, the focus, the accuracy. It will happen once you’re tuned. The most important thing is to stay on the road leading to fulfillment. A large, producing business is created of connections and contacts. Selling and buying. Giving and receiving. Would you buy a product or a service from yourself? Once we give our 100% (and it is challenging), we feel and exciting sense of lifting. Slowly, the universe is giving back to us in wonderful ways. Many times, we are rewarded in the most unexpected way.

Be determined in the path you took, and let it surprise you. Make sure you have a mentor, an anchor, someone to lean on, a friend or a partner.

And the biggest secret I’ve learned through experience is: Patience.