My name is Bat-El Helmer. I’m an entrepreneur,  a writer, and guiding social changes for communities and businesses.

For many years, I’ve been a working as a community relations counselor, as well as creating public opinions’ accessibility to decision makers.

I’ve been studying and researching the aspect of giving and businesses for a long time, focusing on the tight relations between the two, and the affect they have on each other.

Along the years, I’ve conducted many environmental surveys as part of complex projects involving communities, and I’ve learned about the many challenges that come up between an organization or a business, and the community it is operating next to. Based on this experience, I am now connecting between organizations and businesses, as well as helping businesses in identifying the hidden potential and in the community surrounding them.

The thing that turns me on and leading me forward to additional doing – is my commitment, to myself, to giving myself completely to people and organizations aiming to do good, those who implement a caring and sensitive managing policy. These are the companies and organizations I wish to work with, and I love doing it.

Why am I doing what I’m doing

I’m a great believer in giving and in doing good.

With many years of experience, I’ve learned to know that everyone wants to be successful business-wise, and the road there is full of experiences, experiments, successes, and failures as well. In the most interesting junctions of my life, I was always looking for the different, new, and most accurate connection.

I love meeting new people, learn about their values, listen to them, and hear about their needs. Many times, it is leading to creative ideas of connecting between business groups and organizations which are very different from each other in the product or service they provide. I’m always excited to see how the result of such a connection can create a third, unique product or service and a lot of success to all parties involved.

Businesses aimed to do well in the community, whether through their product and service or by giving back to the community, are businesses I love working with. The ventures who relate themselves to a social impact, on top of their financial success, also gain a social profit for all parties involved.

My Vision

My vision is to create a worldwide network of giving and receiving, in different areas of practice. To provide new opportunities for business just by the connections between them. We came to this world as single beings within a group, and we should give this group a space to exist as a single being. The bigger the giving is, so is our gain out of it. It is a well-known karmic law.

I find it exciting to identify needs and uniqueness, and to support dreams and make them come true.

Anyone working with me is becoming y friend. It is the only way.